About Me


Why I Do It

Hi there, I'm Simon Kolderie. It's my belief that we can rise above life's adversities, learn to flourish, and realise our greatest opportunities for growth.

As a Life & Wellbeing Coach I will help you develop strong emotional management skills, get back in touch with your values and unique strengths, and empower you with the knowledge and tools to reclaim balance, energy, and meaningful achievement in life.


My Background

I started out my working life as a Biologist, graduating from the University of Western Sydney, and putting my skills to good use manufacturing veterinary vaccines for cats, dogs, and poultry. Four years in and I found myself shifting into Supply Chain Planning after becoming certified in planning and inventory management. A further 16 years down the track, with a successful career in Supply Chain as a Planner and Analyst, life shows up and turns my world upside down.

Within the space of 9 months my Mother passed away only 6 months after her retirement, aged 66, and I was diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer (treatable), and underwent surgery. Needless to say I went through a period of reflection and searching to re-discover true meaning and purpose in my life. As a result, I left my corporate career to become a Coach as well as undertake studies in the field of Positive Psychology.

By combing my knowledge and skill sets from these two powerful areas, as well as my own life experiences, I now help and support people to transform their adversity into adventure so that they can start living a flourishing life on their terms. 

What Drives me

I am passionate about helping people realise they have a choice when it comes to making lasting positive change in their lives. What's more, I love to help and support these people it making their adventurous life a reality!

When I'm not partnering with my clients, I'm spending time with my beautiful family enjoying time outdoors and going on trips, big and small. I'm a big fan of learning and listening to podcasts such as the Good Life Project as well as being a self confessed tech head.