6 Benefits of Coaching Besides Achieving Your Goals

When it comes to being coached, people often associate coaching with the achievement of goals. And they'd be right.

But, there are many deeper level outcomes as a result of the coaching partnership that perhaps you haven't thought about. Here's six!




This is one of those things that as a coach I am keen to listen out for. The way you talk about yourself provides great insight into how you think about yourself. Often when I play back a persons negative self talk it's the first time they've actually heard it. Negative self talk can become such an ingrained habit that if left unchecked, becomes the anchor of self sabotage.

Coaching can bring about a fundamental change in how you talk and think about yourself. The awareness that is gained by this process is the first step in improving your relationship with self as well as building a strong foundation on which to further develop.

When was the last time you checked in on how you talk about yourself?


Coaching sessions are held regularly and frequently. Not only does this help maintain accountability of action, but the routine also supports you in building the habit of self discipline. Don't underestimate this skill as it is essential outside of the coaching relationship in order for you to maintain in control, on target, and moving forward towards your goals.

Remember those New Years resolutions you so proudly announced last January? Hopefully you're still on track but if not, was it self-discipline that let you down?

Strategic thinking

My role as a Coach is to help you clarify your Vision. What do you really, really, really, want your life to be like? How do you want it to look? How do you want it to feel? How do you want your best life to taste?

Once we have the Vision sorted out we work on the strategies needed to make it become a reality. It's very clear that this is a skill that is easily transferable outside of the coaching relationship and one that is required in everyday life when facing challenges, creating new goals, and envisioning new outcomes. How good are you at breaking the big picture down into smaller steps?


In today's hectic, fast paced world, all we tend to do when we complete a task or goal is move just as fast onto the next one. Coaching provides the time and space in which to celebrate your achievements. Big or small.

Developing this habit and being able to apply it to the everyday is important for you in order to feel a sense of achievement and recognition. When was the last time you stopped to celebrate your daily achievements? Even the small ones. After all, it's the small wins that lead to big successes!


According to psychologist Albert Bandura, self-efficacy is a person's belief in their own ability to succeed in a particular situation. The coaching journey that is undertaken by clients is one of awareness, discovery, and action. Over the course of the relationship the realisation of new capabilities and the experience of actions put forth in new situations supports the personal development required to become confident, efficient, and effective.

This all boils down to being better equipped to handle the various situations that life will throw at you. How much do you believe in yourself? How aware are you of all your abilities and the actions needed to be resilient in life?

A success approach

You can see from the list of items above that not only does coaching support you in achieving your goals, but it also provides you with the relevant skills and experience to develop at a deeper level.

One of the things I say to prospective clients is that coaching is not just about what happens when we meet each week. It's about how you take what you learn along the way and apply it to your everyday. I should be able to coach myself out of a job and empower you to have the awareness and skills to continue to grow, develop, and achieve. You should be able to develop your own "success approach" to life.

If you've had the experience of being coached I would love to hear what other benefits you feel you have received as a result. Leave your comments here or join the community on my Facebook page.

Here's to your Success!