3 Fun Ways to Discover Your Values

It’s always a tricky question isn’t it. When someone asks you what it is you value? No? Well, to some of us it’s very clear, and to others, unfortunately, they haven’t taken a great deal of time to consider the answer.

Why is it important to be clear on our Value? Great question! 

Values play a critical role in our behaviours. They are a key motivating factor for how it is we act in the world, both for ourselves, and when interacting with others. Being consciously clear on what your Values are, and I mean not just one or two but your top ten, allows you to actively live a life in alignment with those values. What does that mean? Well, it means you will be able to consciously chose how to behave in a way that is true to what’s important to you. And this means easier decision making, more happiness, and a sense that you are living ‘your’ life, not someone else's.


So, if you haven’t quite had the time to reflect on what your top 10 Values might be, here are three fun ways to kick of the process…

Who do you admire?

Be it a colleague, a movie star, a sports person, or a historical figure, there’s a reason you are attracted to them and admire them. Take the time and see if you can write down the top 3 things you admire about this person and why. This will give an insight into what it is you value.

Who is your favourite Super Hero?

I’ll admit it. I’m a super hero fan. Captain America and Green Lantern. There you go, I said it! Why? Well, the dedication and loyalty that Captain America shows just rings true to me. And when it comes to Green Lantern, his power to conjure up what ever he can think of, is just too good to go past. It says to me that “where there’s a Will, there’s a Way”. 

Your turn, who’s your favourite Super Hero and why? What qualities of this character do you admire and what personal Values do these relate to?

What is your favourite past time?

When it comes to getting clear on what you value, often the things that you love to do in your own time are good indicators of what’s important to you. Is it the solitude of quiet reading? Is it the competition of team sports? Is it the beauty and freedom of being out in nature? Take a look at what it is you like to get up to and you’ll soon discover a greater awareness of your Values.

There you have it! Three fun ways to discover your values.

Level Up!

Take you awareness of Values to the next level and strengthen your relationships at the same time by asking others the same three questions. Your colleagues, your friends, your family or children. You’ll probably be surprised! 

Here's to Your Adventurous Life!